Make entries

Find out how to enter students for exams. Including information about entry codes and how to avoid entry delays.

How to make an entry

You will need to use an entry system to make an entry.

In the table below, you will find which entry systems to use for each type of qualification.

Type of qualification Entry system
All qualifications (except Unit Award Scheme)Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or
Unit Award Scheme (UAS)

You must pick one type of entry system to use for all your entries. For example, you can pick either EDI or Centre Services, but you can't use them both at the same time.

You will find guidance on how to use each entry system here:

Entry codes book

You will find the entry codes you need in the latest entry codes book:

What can cause a delay in entries

If there are any errors in your files, this will cause a delay. An error in one file will cause the whole entry file to be delayed.

We need to manually fix errors before we can upload the files to Centre Services. While we’re fixing these errors, any new files that your school or college send won’t appear on Centre Services.

How to avoid delays in entries

Use the tips below to help you get your entries right and avoid delays:

Use the most up-to-date entry codes

Be sure to use the correct entry codes. These can be found in the latest entry codes book (see above).

Do not enter a student into more than one tier per subject

If a teacher has not yet decided which tier a student should be in, do not enter them for both tiers as this will require a manual review.

Tiers can be changed with no extra fees if done before a certain date. To view deadline dates, please refer to the .

Do not enter a student into more than one specification choice

If you enter a student for more than one choice in the same qualification, this will cause an error.

If a teacher has not provided the specification choice (usually for Science, History, English Literature or Religious studies), please only enter for one choice per qualification.

Specification choices can be changed with no extra fees if done before a certain date. To view deadline dates, please refer to the .

Try to send only one file per week

If you send multiple files per day or week, it can create a backlog if there are errors. Sending a new correct file will not override or fix the first file.

Update and save a file locally, and then send it to us on a day of your choice, each week.

Make sure that you don't miss the entry and amendment dates.

Use full legal names, where possible

Do not use shortened names or nicknames. The name that is submitted for entries will be printed on the exam certificate.

Learn more about costs when amending a certificate.

Use the right date of birth format

Make sure that you use the right date of birth format for each entry system.

The required format is:

Entry system Date of birth format
EDI and basedataDD/MM/YY (eg 01/01/05)
Centre ServicesDD-MMM-YYYY (eg 01-JAN-2005)

Other useful documents

Your students’ privacy

Make sure you let your students know that their personal data has been transferred to us for the purposes of examining and awarding. For more information, see our privacy notice.