42 inquisitive students from the Basic Education Unit (BEU) returned enriched after a transformative cross-cultural and educational immersion in Singapore, held from April 20 to 24, 2024. They were accompanied by Mrs. Myra Balubal and Ms. Mary Jane Abella.  Organized by SMS Phoenix Education Consultation under the leadership of Dr. Sri Devi (Managing Director), the trip immersed students in the vibrant city-state, exposing them to diverse educational experiences and rich cultural encounters.

Upon arrival at Singapore’s Changi Airport, students received a warm welcome and orientation. Day 2 ignited a passion for science with a visit to the renowned Science Centre. Interactive exhibits sparked curiosity, providing a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. The awe-inspiring IMAX experience at the Omni Theatre further enriched their learning with educational films on space and nature.

The captivating Gardens by the Bay awaited the students that same day. A stroll through the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest showcased themed gardens, a harmonious blend of nature and art. This experience fostered an appreciation for the environment and the importance of sustainability.

Day 3 saw the group participating in an enriching school immersion program at Republic Polytechnic. Students actively engaged in an Artificial Intelligence Course, complete with workshops and a laboratory tour. Their pursuit of knowledge continued at Newton College, where a lecture on Virtual Reality Learning broadened their understanding of innovative teaching methods. Additionally, they gained valuable insights into Thailand’s rich cultures and traditions, further expanding their global perspectives.

A celebratory evening capped off Day 3. An awards ceremony recognized the students’ accomplishments and growth throughout the tour. It was a heartwarming moment that acknowledged the dedication of both students and mentors.

Day 4 brought a surge of excitement with a trip to Sentosa Island. Students marveled at the wonders of marine life at the Sea Aquarium. The day culminated in a tour at Universal Studios. The final day offered a tranquil farewell. Students visited the famed Jewel Falls, a breathtaking waterfall nestled amidst Singapore’s lush greenery. This serene experience served as a perfect conclusion to their transformative journey, allowing them to depart with cherished memories and newfound knowledge.

This cross-cultural immersion broadened students’ horizons, fostered connections with different cultures, and deepened their understanding of the world. It is a transformative experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their lives.