All baptized share in the priestly dignity of Christ (PCP II 117). We exercise this function by the reception of the Sacraments, prayer and thanksgiving,… and especially when we participate in the celebration of the Eucharist. (LG 10)

Through the Campus Ministry Paulinian Education creates in the school a Catholic Christian environment by providing opportunities for growth in the sacramental and prayer life. Liturgical celebrations such as regular Eucharist and Confession, Basic Ecclesial Communities, religious activities to mark Churchs special events, are organized and pastoral counseling made available to meet the goal of the Campus Ministry. In coordination with the parish/diocese Confirmation, First Holy Communion and Reconciliation, and Baptism in rare cases, are also made available during the school year. Retreat and recollection are special moments when members of the school community set aside longer and quality time for their personal spiritual life.

While celebrations lead the members of the school community to worship and prayer, signs and symbols remind them of their Faith. Bulletin boards, projects that express the Christian Message or Gospel values, posters, contests, advocacy, etc. can help enhance a Catholic Christian environment in the campus.

In effect the Faith of the Paulinians that is “informed” or “instructed” in the classroom (RE) is nourished and strengthened by the grace received in the celebrations of worship and prayer (CM), and inspired to do their daily routine of service to God and neighbor (CES). With proper understanding of the doctrinal truths Eucharistic celebrations and other forms of worship and prayer would become attractive and meaningful.

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