The pilot testing of Tuguegarao City Tricycle Riders Information Security and Satisfaction Enhancement Application (TC- TRISSEA) was conducted on April 24, 2024 where tricycle drivers and 腦瞳肊 students engaged firsthand with the app’s functionalities. Tricycle drivers seamlessly integrated the app into their daily operations, picking up students from designated points and ferrying them to their destinations. This hands-on experience provided invaluable insights into the app’s usability and effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

While the pilot testing unfolded on the streets of Tuguegarao City, the admin side of the system was thoroughly monitored at the LR Computer Laboratory. The activity was facilitated by the project team members of 腦瞳肊. Key officials including Mr. Angelo Caranguian  (DOST Information Officer), Mr. Bernard Nolasco and Mr. Ronell Historia (Tuguegarao City TODA Presidents) and Mr. Mariano Cabugos and staff (Head, Tuguegarao City Tricycle Regulation Unit), ensured the app’s performance and gathered feedback from users and operators alike.

This collaborative effort is a synergy between government and the academe in driving sustainable development through technological innovations. As the pilot testing progresses, the TC-TRISSEA app stands poised to revolutionize the Tuguegarao City Transportation Systems, offering a glimpse into a future where technology seamlessly enhances everyday life.